Laser Hair Removal: What are the Things to Keep in Mind for Pre and Post-Care Treatment?

Some of the pre and post care hacks for the laser hair removal treatment


• Four weeks prior to the treatment avoid waxing, bleach, or tweezing. Otherwise, it will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

• 24 hours before the treatment, shave the area where you want to want to get the treatment.

• Though all the products are removed before the treatment so you can apply numbing cream on the treated area. By doing this, you will not feel any pain.

• Don’t perform any physical activity at least two hours before the treatment as it will increase body temperature and blood pressure.

• Two weeks prior to the laser hair removal, avoids any chemical peel.


• The patient should avoid sun exposure and tanning products until the treatment is complete.

• At least for 2 to 3 days avoid hot showers, swimming, and hot tubs.

• On the treated area, if crusting develops then don’t pick or scratch the area.

• Apply sunscreen with SPF30 before going out.

• Don’t wax, pluck, bleach, or use any cream for hair removal on the treated area until the treatment is complete.

• If you the treated area is red, swollen, and irritated then apply an ice pack or cold aloe vera.

• If you notice blisters, scabbing or infection then you should consult the doctor.

• Avoid rubbing the area as it is very delicate and sensitive after the treatment.