Games of Thrones cast and crew felt miserable when they filmed the filmed the biggest battle

About game of thrones shooting and cast feelings when they shoot

Game of Thrones has teased a huge season 8 showdown that will take place at Winterfell. The HBO is all set to release the most exciting final season of the GOT. No doubt, it is going to be huge and with full of twists, turns, deaths, zombies, and most importantly the dragon. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 is going on air on 14th April. Fans will found out on May 19 that who will sit on the Iron Throne.


Recently, Entertainment Weekly interviewed the cast and crew and they revealed a lot of things which have left a lot of excitement. According to the cast, one of those six episodes will be the most intense episode of ‘Thrones’ the fans have ever seen. So, you can say that it will be one of the most intense episodes of ant TV series. You are going to witness one of the biggest battle ever committed to film.

Bryan Cogman revealed in his interview and said, “What we asked the crew and production team to do this year have never been done and seen in any movie or television series, co-executive producer of the show .” He added, ”The final battle between the army of living and army of the dead is totally relentlessness and unprecedented. It is a mixture of genres within the battle. You will witness a sequence within the sequence and an amazing puzzle. The sequence will come in and took it apart and then put again together. No doubt it has been exhausting but it will blow everybody mind.”