Some self-care tips to do after an IVF session

IVF is an effective way of treating infertility.

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IVF has been a boon in helping many childless couples become parents of babies. If someone has gone through the IVF sessions, then they need to take proper safety measures to boost their chances of being successful. Below are mentioned some self-care tips, which a woman should take care of after going through IVF:

Do not do Intercourse

Try not to indulge in any kind of sexual activity. this will help in preventing infections to develop in the vagina area and also help the woman’s ovaries in healing in a better way.

Avoid lifting heavy things

Lifting heavy things should be avoided as much as you can. It is recommended by many doctors to women to avoid lifting heavy things, especially when the pregnancy is yet to be confirmed. Heavy lifting leads to putting pressure on the abdominal muscles which get stressed during IVF. Many women are adviced not to do any kind of household work.

No heavy exercise

If women are advised not to do any household work, then how can they be advised for doing exercise, and that too heavy exercise. Light exercise can be included in the routine like walking.

Having Progesterone

Post Ovulation, it is very important to have a proper amount of progesterone in order to maintain pregnancy. No doubt the body produces progesterone, doctors will prescribe artificial progesterone in the form of injections to make sure that the right levels of the hormone are in the body. The injections have to be taken until the 12th week of pregnancy.

It is also necessary to follow the doctor’s advice. The women are also advised to spend some time in meditation and doing yoga. You can go for IVF treatment in Punjab.

Besides all these things, doctors suggest patients avoid Coffee, alcohol, and drugs are as it is a big no-no during this time.